Gallery 12 - The Fairy Tale Series

This series of works is currently ongoing. More images to be added as they are painted into existence.

Into The Woods  27"x35"  $3000

Return To The Fairy Tale  27"x35"  $3250

Turns Out She Had A Life Of Her Own  27"x35"  $3250

Leaving The Fairy Tale  27"x35"                                       SOLD

Entering The Fairy Tale  27"x35"  $3000

The Villain  27"x35"  $2500

Struggle Between Good & Evil  27"x35"  $3000

Triumphant!  27"x35"  $3000

Childhod Narrative  27"x35"  $3000

Old McDonald's Farm Hands  27"x35"  $3000

Honahlee  27"x35"  $3250

Cold Heart Birth  27"x35"  $3250

Deliverance  27"x35"  $3000