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Gallery 5

A young girl joyfully rides a big wheel trike in the lower left of the painting. She is surrounded by a delapidated garage.

Free Wheeling  27"x34"  

An elderly woman, using a walker, approaches the porch steps of a delapidated house.

Homeward Bound  27"x35"  

A young boy points at a dinosaur mouth, full of very large teeth, which are very close to him.

Discovering The Teeth    31"x37"    

A young girl sits cross legged staring forward. She holds a phone to her ear. On the wall directly behind her are three figures, one female and two male, with bows and arrows. The wall figures look like they are from prehistoric cave paintings.

Communications    27"x34"    

An elderly woman, in color, reaches towards, and gazes at, a large black and white image of Santa's sleigh and reindeer. The black and white image is circa 1900. In the sleigh sits santa with a young girl smiling and dressed in outdoor winter clothing.

Christmas Past    31"x38"    

A young boy sits and cuddles up next to his mother on the front porch steps of a house. This black and white image is circa 1960's. Running across the main deck of the porch is another young boy, this one in color circa present day.

Running Past    27"x35"    

Requiem For Joey  27"x35"

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