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Own a work of art that will open up worlds of thought and experience.  Start the conversation...

All original watercolor paintings have been created using archival, acid free pigments, paper and framing materials to last indefinitely. Paintings are matted and framed in either a complimentary metal or wood frame. Prints are matted, signed and covered in a plastic sleeve.

To purchase an original painting please call or email me directly:
(518) 569-6269                                

UPS is used for most shipping needs. For original works, actual shipping charges will apply. For original artwork, UPS prefers to pack items before they insure them.  Insurance is recommended.

It is my goal to make your purchase a smooth and pleasant transaction. If you have any questions, please contact me. I would like you to be satisfied with the artwork that you purchase for many years to come.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, for any reason, the painting or print may be returned, in its original condition, by the buyer, for a 100% refund.

Giclee prints 12"x16" matted to 16"x20" and signed by the artist are available on demand for $110 plus 8% NYS tax and $25 shipping if applicable. The Paypal buttons below may be used to purchase prints. If shipping is required, use the blue button only.  For pick up, please use the yellow button only.


Some of my original works are also available for purchase from:

Original Watercolor Paintings


That Persistent Memory  $3250

The Memory Shone In His Face  $3250

NEW Work

Being Patient  $3000

The Introduction  $3250

Requiem For Joey  $3250

                                                                                       Gallery 1                                                                                      

Dementia's Dance $3250

Sorry That I Could Not Travel Both $3500

Enjoying Every Step $3250

A Moment With The Past $3250

You Have To Be Carefully Taught $3250

In Your Dear Little Ear $3250

One Of The Missing $3250

The Plague Dr. In In...Again $3250

Revelations $3250

And Then They Danced $3000

In Pursuit Of Justice $3250

Gallery 2

Ghost In The Machine $3500

Innocence Betrayed $3500

Here But Now They're Gone SOLD

Covid 19 Incarceration $3250

Help! $3250

American Madness $2500

Once Again $3250

A Sacrifice $2500

Materializing $3500

Prohibited Requisite?  $3250

Gallery 3

Infected $3250

The Assassination Of Liberty $2750

Contamination $3000

American Way $3250

Too Late $3500

Survivors $3500

Lost $3500

Disintegration $3250

Gallery 4

The Curmudgeon $3000

Emotional Display $3000

Savior $3000

The Barbershop $3250

Coming Home $3250

What Lingers $3000

War $2800

Disenchantment $3250

Enchantment $3250

Newcomer $3500

Gallery 5

Free Wheeling $3250

Homeward Bound $3250

Discovering The Teeth $3250

Communications $2800

Christmas Past $3500

Running Past $3000

Requiem For Joey  $3250

Gallery 6

Slow Service $3250

Agony $3250

Abortion Men $3250

Discovering The Murder Of America $3500

Escape Attempt $3250

Over The Edge $3500

The Introduction  $3250

Gallery 7

Resting $3500

Morning Swim $3500

Spring $3250

Passing Through $3500

Never $3500

Wintry Pronouncement $2800

The Secret $3250

No Hands $3500

Into The Woods $3250

Phone Booth $3250

Gallery 8

Offering $3250

All You Need Is...$3000

From The 1% To The 99% $3000

Gulf Coast Refugee $3500

Enjoying Area 51 XOXO $3000

Nightmare $3000

Diagnosis $3000

Gallery 9

One Step Closer To The Light $3250

Unconditional $3250

Desperation $3250

Scaredy Cat Club $3250

Woman Is The Other $3500

Arrival $3500

Unwilling $2800

Gallery 10

Curiosity $3250

Family Ghosts $3250

Choices $2750

Attitude $3250

Red Dress $3250

Gallery 11

Undergoing $3500

Below The Surface $3500

Duality $3500

Undertaken $3250

Under Ice $3250

The World Has Teeth $3250

Feminine Mystique $3250

Penitent $3250

Inside The Box $3250

Gallery 12

Union $3500

Left Behind $3250

A Day On The Lake $3250

Global Warming $3250

On The Dock $1500

Women's March $3250

Friends SOLD

Great Read $3250

Reflections $3250

Summer Afternoon $3250

Waiting For The Vet $3000

Tommy's Rock $3000

Lake Clear $3250

Spider Man $3000


Gallery 13

The Snowman $2000

Winter Hymn $2750

In The Bedroom SOLD

A Day On The Lake $3250

Local History $3250

In The Dining Room $3250

Survivor (Ray Brook TB Hospital) $3250

Ghosts Of Winter Carnival $3250

Memoir $3500

Reminiscent $3250

Time Travel $3000

A Wish Your Heart Makes $3250

The Watcher's Dreaming $2750

Angel Of Mercy $3000

Sisters Of Mercy $3250

Memory $3250

My Dog Sees Them $3250

Life & Death In Saranac Lake $2000 

Down Main Street $3250

Winter Walk $3250

Through The Doll $3250

Mourning Doves $3500

A Tarrying Place $3250

Taking The Air $3500

Transient Guest $3500

Near Maple Hill $3000

Gallery 14

Into The Woods $3000

Return To The Fairy Tale $3250

Turns Out She Had A Life Of Her Own $3250

Leaving The Fairy Tale $SOLD

Entering The Fairy Tale $3250

The Villain $2500

Struggle Between Good & Evil $3000

Triumphant! $3000

Childhood Narrative $3250

Old McDonald's Farm Hands $3000

Honalee $3250

The Birth Of Her Cold Heart $3250

Deliverance $3000

The Fountain Of Youth $3000

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