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Gallery 12 From The Adirondacks

A pair of loons swim together in the forfront of an Adirondack pond. There is a boat pulled up along the shore in the background.

Union 27"x35"  

A highly realistic rendering of Lake water dominates this image. In the center background is a person kayaking towards a mountainour shore.

Left Behind 27"x35"   

In the lower forefront of this image is a group of four people in a rowboat. They are transparent and are gliding across a blue Spring lake with  brown, orange and yellow green foothills in front of them.

A Day On The Lake 27"x35"  

A woman  dressed in outdoor gear sits on the grass in front on a bench with her hand up, in search of snow. Propped againt the bench is a pair of cross country skis on one side and ski poles on the other. On the bench sits a bottle of wine and wine glass. The woman has a disgusted facial expression. The woods are in the background.

Global Warming 27"x35"  

A woman sits at the end of a dock looking out at an adirondack lake and mountainscape. There is a black inner tube hanging from one corner of the dock, a kayak sitting on the dock and a towel covered chair next to her.

On The Dock 15 1/2"x19 1/2"  

A group of women children and one man look to the left. They hold signs an american flag, the female sign and "stronger together".

Women's March 1/21/2017 27"x35"  

Four kayaks, each a different color are pulled up on the shore together.

Friends 27"x35"  

Four people are sitting on an adirondack beach. three of them are reading and facing to the right where the lake is. The fourth, a young girl, stares straight ahead at a sand sculpture of a young boy sitting among city ruins. She sees a story coming to life out of the sand.

Great Read 27"x35"  

A woman in a yellow and orange kaya comes straight at the viewer. The boat and its reflection dominate the center space.

Reflections 27"x35"  

A woman in a bathing suit reclines on ablue and yellow blow up float. The viewer looks up at her from the point of view of the water. Behind her are the adirondack mountains.

Summer Afternoon 27"x35"  

A woman dressed in a winter coat, hat and boots sits on an antique bench with her miniature dachshund. They stare out at the viewer with expressions of bordom and worry on their faces.

Waiting For The Vet  27"x35"  

An small adirondack island in Upper Saranac Lake named Tommy's Rock is at the center of this image. The viewing perspective of this image is from water level. Numerous pine trees cover the small island. You can see the shore behind.

Tommy's Rock (Upper Saranac Lake)  27"x35"

A boy with an eerily concerned expression on his face floats on a blow up raft. The viewing perspective is from water level. You can see the sand below the water and the shore behind.

Lake Clear   27"x35"   

A young bot dressed in shor sleeves, shorts and a spder man cap strides to the cenetr of a very large spider web at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake, NY.

Spider Man (The Wild Center)  27"x35"   

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