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Gallery 3

A young boy, wearing a t-shirt with an american flag on it, dominates the right side of the painting. He is covering his face with his left hand. He is in color. Behind him is a black and white, angled, image of men, from the year 1918,  in uniforms, wearing face masks.

Infected 27"x34"  

A young man, in the lower left hand corner of the painting, is aiming a bow and arrow at a large sculptural face of the Statue of Libery.

The Assassination Of Liberty    27"x35"    

A young girl sits in the forefront of the right side of the painting. She holds a cat on her lap. She is rendered in psychadelic colors. Behind her, to the left is a black and white image of a mushroom cloud. An atomic bomb has been exploded.

Contaminated 27"x35"  

A black and white image of a class of school children from the early 1900's is superimposed by a red, transparent image of a machine gun.

The American Way 27"x35"  

A young girl, dressed as a princess and holding up a wand appears in the lower left corner. She is facing towards a black and white image of dead men on a battlefield circa the Civil War.

Too Late 32"x40"  

A young girl sits, pensively, next to a Wall Street statue of a man and his briefcase, amongst ruins in NYC from 9/11.

Survivors 27"x34" 

A young girl holds a teddy bear up in front of her at the bottom center of the image. She is surrounded by a crowded NYC downtown street.

Lost 31"x37"  


Disintegration  27"x35"

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