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Gallery 2

Busy NYC street scene. Peopl walked brikly down the street. Among them sits a naked woman, hunched over, with her arms around her and a paper bag on her head. She is not noticed by the others.

Ghost In The Machine  27"x35"  

A baby, on the ground, underneath trees, reaches for a dirty surgical mask.

Innocence Betrayed  27x35"   

A young girl wearing a surgical face mask and dresed in red, white and blue, sits alone, cross legged in a vintage subway car. The subway car is black and white.

Here, But Now They're Gone  27"x35  

An elderly woman stands in the center of the image. She leans on her cane and has a surgical face mask hanging from one ear. She stands in a decaying hallway behind an iron gate with a medical cross on it.

  Covid 19 Incarceration   27"x35"  

A young girl is in a city street drawing an american flag and the word "Help!" with white chalk. A group of people, seemingly unaware of the girl and her drawing, walk away, down the street and to the right.

Help!  30"x37" 

The torso of a naked woman, wearing a paper bag on her head, pops out at the viewer from the lower left hand corner. She is grabbing the sides of her head with both hands. Above her is the tops of  several city buildings and an american flag.

 American Madness  31"x38"  

A young girl, wearing shorts, a t-shirt and bike helmet, walks with her bicycle across a frozen swamp with ice and barren trees. She stares off to the left.

Once Again 27"x34"  

A baby lays, in the center of the image, at the foot of three of Easter Island's Moai monutental statues.

A Sacrifice  27"x34"  

A black and white figure, wearing a uniform and riding a motorcycle emerges from the decaying, abandoned, hallway of a prison (Eastern State Penitentiary). He is somewhat transparent and blurred.

Materializing 27"x35"  


Prohibited Requisite?  27"x35"

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