Gallery 13 - Ghosts In Saranac Lake (for more info...see blog post)

Ghosts In Saranac Lake Promo Video

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North Country Public Radio Patterson Interview with Todd Moe re: Ghosts In Saranac Lake Series.

The Snowman  14"x35"  $2000

Winter Hymn  27"x35"  $2750

In The Bedroom  27"x35"  $3000


A Day On The Lake  27"x35"  $3250

Local History  27"x35"  $3250

In The Dining Room  27"x35"  $3000

Survivor - Ray Brook TB Hospital  $3250

Ghosts Of Winter Carnival  27"x35"  $3000

Memoir  (1902 Blood Hill)  27"x35"  $3500

Reminisent  27"x35"  $3250

Time Travel  27"x35"  $3000

A Wish Your Heart Makes  27"x35"  $3250

The Watcher's Dreaming  27"x35"  $2750

Angel Of Mercy  27"x35"  $3000

Sisters Of Mercy  27"x35"  $3250

Memory  27"x35"  $3250

My Dog Sees Them  27"x35"  $3250

Life & Death In Saranac Lake  14"x34" $2000

Down Main Street  27"x35"  $3250

Winter Walk  27"x35"  $3250

Through The Doll  27"x35"  $3250

Mourning Doves   27"x35"   $3500

A Tarrying Place  27"x35"  $3250

Taking The Air  27"x35"  $3500