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Gallery 11

Distressed person trapped behind a primordial ooze.

Undergoing  30"x39"  

A person's head, side view, and hands press up against what appears to be a smeared primordial ooze.

Below The Surface  30"x39"  

Heads and hands from two figures facing each other within a smeared primordial ooze.

Duality  27"x35"  

A person is trying desperately to escape, by scratching and punding with their fists, from being trapped under ice.

Undertaken  30"x35"  

Hands push and scratch trying to escape from under ice.

Under Ice  31"x36" 

A very young child's face is surrounded by a circle of sharp teeth.

The World Has Teeth  31"x37" 

A woman's formal dress hangs precariously above an electric chair. The matching shoes rest in front of the electric chair below the dress.

Feminine Mystique  27"x35"  

A young boy sits, head lowered,  inside the middle of an old prison cell from Eastern State Pentitentiary.

Penitent  30"x36"  

Two young boys sit quietly inside a metal animal cage. The cage and boys sit inside an empty, old, room.

Inside The Box  27"x34"  

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