How It ALL Started

When I was a child I was excruciatingly shy. So shy that I had a very difficult time, going through a check out line at a store. Fortunately, my mother made me do it, over and over, until that problem disappeared. Perhaps the bigger issue that developed as a result of my shyness was a lack of social skills. I had few friends and spent much of my time alone...thinking...and dreaming...I created art at home around the kitchen table with my Mom, but otherwise art wasn’t on my radar until later. In Elementary school, I hated art class. The teacher was always shouting at us. She rarely taught structured lessons. Instead, she instructed her students to make whatever...with whatever materials could

Where Do I Get THOSE Ideas??!!

I am often asked where my ideas come from. They come i to me n several different ways. I always try to have my camera with me wherever I go and am frequently snapping shots of things that interest me. The ones that interest me the most get printed and placed in a photo box in my studio. Sometimes, when I need an image idea, I will throw a stack of photos on the floor and rummage through them. When I am lucky, several will fit together and I will have an image. Other times I will get an idea from something I have either read or heard about in the news, on TV, online, from s friend, etc...and I will search through my photos for images that can be combined to illustrate the idea. At still oth

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