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Where Do I Get THOSE Ideas??!!

I am often asked where my ideas come from. They come i to me n several different ways.

I always try to have my camera with me wherever I go and am frequently snapping shots of things that interest me. The ones that interest me the most get printed and placed in a photo box in my studio. Sometimes, when I need an image idea, I will throw a stack of photos on the floor and rummage through them. When I am lucky, several will fit together and I will have an image.

Other times I will get an idea from something I have either read or heard about in the news, on TV, online, from s friend, etc...and I will search through my photos for images that can be combined to illustrate the idea.

At still other times, an idea will pop into my head fully formed and I will need to take photos specifically for it.

No matter how the ideas come about, I have the strong sense that they are coming through me rather than from me. A kind of infused knowledge if you will. So, I believe I can take the most credit for being open to and accepting the image then being willing to put it down on paper, to bring it to life.

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