Ghosts Of Saranac Lake

In the 1870s, Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau came to the area sick with TB. To his astonishment, his health improved. He settled in the village and established the first successful sanatorium for the treatment of TB in the U.S. In 1887, author Robert Louis Stevenson came to Saranac Lake to be treated by Dr. Trudeau, and the first annual Saranac Lake Winter Carnival was held to bring entertainment to the many people recovering in the village. By the turn of the century, the village had grown into a prospering community and a fashionable destination - home to the world-renowned Trudeau Sanatorium, a dozen bustling hotels, and a hundreds of local homes that catered to TB patients, known as "cure

No Pretty Pictures?

No Pretty Pictures? As a visual artist, I have been given the gift of a voice. Many people see and interact with the images that I create. In this technology saturated world, my images reach far more people than I will ever know. And so, I have a responsibility to make my voice count for the greater good. It has often been suggested to me, by well-meaning friends and family; that if I would only paint “happy” pictures (local landscapes and animals), I would be rich! While happy pictures have their place, perhaps over ones sofa; “pretty” simply isn’t, and shouldn’t be, all there is to art. It certainly isn’t all there is to life. I believe in the importance of being authentic to oneself and o

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